Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Random Wednesday

Ok, so I have a few more trip photos, and some random things. Hopefully blogger will cooperate tonight.

On the way home, we took the kids to see where the Old Man of the Mountain used to reside. On May 3rd of 2003, he tragically plummeted to his demise off the side of the hill. According to the display they now have at the site, he was made up of 5 slabs of granite that spent hundreds of years balancing on a chin that had a cavern behind it. Pretty amazing that it stayed there as long as it did.

After we left there, we were be-bopping down (and yes, I mean down also.. descending) rt. 93, when all of sudden, there were a bunch of cars off the road. The boy said, "Oh there must be an accident." And I'm thinking.. no there are people looking in the woods.. it must be a MOOSE! So we pulled over, and the kids saw their first moose. (well, Mr. Man saw 5 when he was little but he doesn't remember). He was a mangy looking thing, all the fur on one part of his side was rubbed off. A big rig came by when we were there and blasted his horn and scared him off into the woods. My brother Scott tells me this is normal. It just pissed me off. Why be like that, and ruin someone elses good memory? He said cars do it too. Some people just suck.

After that there is a funny story about how the boy got himself pulled over by a statey for going eleventeen hundred miles an hour in a 65 (Ok, so it was only 10 miles over), but he might not appreciate me sharing it, so I won't. I will tell you that the kids were dying in the back seat, and after all the hoopla, the lucky bastard didn't even get a ticket or a written warning. Now had I been driving (well, I would've been going the speed limit, and none of this would've happened), there would be a big fine involved. I have that luck. And also, I have this bad problem where I can't keep my mouth shut.

I'm glad to be home. Things have been absolutely nutty here! Ms. Thang has an enlarged lymph node on the back of her head, and it can be a million different reasons why it's enlarged, and I'm trying to be positive and hope that it goes away on it's own. If not, than we'll have to pursue other avenues. I was slightly put of by the way the doctor shrugged it off as no big deal yesterday.. because obviously SOMETHING is causing it to be enlarged, but I'm going to think good things for a change and hope for the best. And in the meantime, I have my wonderful school nurse keeping abreast of the situation and she'll let me know if it gets bigger or changes.

On the job front we have 29 more days of school. Not that anyone is counting. And tomorrow is a half day for the kids. We also have a million days of MAP (measured academic progress) testing, but also we have Vehicle Day next week, and a storyteller coming, and Memorial day program, and Carnival Day and other fun things like that. The end of the year always seems to fly by.

It's starting to look a little more springy around here (although I noticed that the towns around us are like 2 weeks ahead with their blooms and growth and tree leaves), but it doesn't feel like it. The forecast is calling for raw & rainy until early next week. I need sun, in a bad way.

I spent a bunch of hours in the car on the way home knitting on my sock (the shawl was wayy in the back and I couldn't reach) and just as many hours working on untangling the giant knot I created when I unraveled the first sock. I'm hoping to have the pair done by the end of school. I have baby things to knit. (pick up your chin, they aren't for me!)

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