Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Drip.... Drip..... Drip.....

For over a year, I had to put up with a faucet in my bathroom dripping. Dripping faucets seem to be an issue with our house. In fact, once we started useing them, most of the faucets in our house started dripping right after we bought it.

We replaced our kitchen faucet with a cheap-o faucet that we got at the local discount store.. because we didn't know any better. Let me clue you into what we learned. Cheap faucets eventually break. Even if they are a good and well known brand. It's kind of like buying yarn. Buy the best quality faucet you can afford. And if you can wait a bit longer, save up until you can buy a good one. It's worth the investment.

So anyhow, the faucet in our kitchen started dripping again last fall. Only when you turned the faucet a certain way. So the boy said, "well, don't turn it that way." (nods, I know..it's ok. I love him anyhow). Then it started leaking when you turned it a certain way. And then it leaked when you turned it on. And I couldn't stand it anymore. So we went to the local home improvement palace, and looked at faucets. And while we were there, I mentioned the downstairs bathroom sink.. that has been leaking on and off for a year. The problem with the sink, is that it just drips once in a while.. for a day or so..and then stops. So you sort of forget that it's a problem, until the next time. So I figured, while we were there, we could just get two faucets, and then we'd just have the upstairs bathroom to deal with at a later date.

I've had a fabu new faucet in my kitchen for some time now. Several months even. I love my new sink faucet. It not only looks great and works better, it doesn't leak. In all those months the faucet for the bathroom has sat in the boy's dungeon, in a small dark closet. I would mention it, and he would drone on and on about bad plumbing and new piping and blah blah blah... and I would nod my head and agree that it should wait until the weather got warmer.

Last night, as you might remember, I crashed hard on the chair in the family room. I woke up much later to a noise I didn't recognize. I looked over, and the boy was in the bathroom with a torch, heating something. Weird, I thought and I fell back asleep. A while later I woke up again, much more awake and coherent, and asked him what he was doing. He explained that he had hoped to have this all done before I woke up, but he was replacing the faucet.

I love it. It's the exact one I had clipped out of a magazine several years ago (I found the clipping after we had bought the faucet, must've left a lasting impression in my brain)... and once I get that room painted, it's going to look so damn cool. Oh, and did I mention the best part? It doesn't drip.

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Awesome Abby said...

Pleasure comes in the small things...even if they are sometimes expensive...but like you said, well worth it. we replaced our kitchen faucet for the same reasons *finally* and i LOVE our new one, too, even if it was very expensive and we couldn't afford it at the time. Reading your post makes me really glad we forked out the dough. Kudos to the boy for surprising you.