Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Homeward Bound...pt. 1

The best part of going away, is coming home. We decided to take a different route out to the highway than we had taken from the highway on the way up. Change of scenery and all that. Besides, where were a few places we wanted the kids to see. The photo to the left, is the Mount Washington Observatory. Mount Washington has the worst weather in the state. There are people up working in that building 24/7, and you know what.. you couldn't pay me enough. Anyhow, the boys camera has a kick arse zoom, and he got right in there and you can see the top.

Of course, we had to stop at the river. Ms. Thang got it into her head, that the water wasn't *quite* as cold as the day before.. but I think it was the exhaust fumes getting to her. Or the sun. It was cold. And to top it off, it was a much chillier day, so everything just felt colder. The Pemigewasset originates at Profile Lake, which we visited later on. It travels for 70 miles merges with the Winnipesaukee River and forms the Merrimack river, which travels through the state, into Massachusetts and out into the Atlantic Ocean. That's a heck of a ride! The water here is NEVER warm, but it's always clear and fresh.

We were at some scenic stop, along the river, and there were ducks! The kids were so funny. First Mr. Man drops his lollipop on the ground. Like ducks are going to be interested in grape suckers, right?! So I gave them some Pringles from the car (hey, it's almost bread) and they fed the ducks. And then, when we were getting ready to leave, Mr. Man tried to grab the ducks. They were so on to him though, and took off before he could get a hold. The ducks weren't the only wildlife we saw on the trip. On the way up we (well, they) saw a wild turkey, and later on, we saw something else..but I'm getting ahead of myself.....

And obviously I'm getting ahead of Blogger.. because they won't let me upload anymore photos.. so I will continue this post tomorrow.

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