Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In Which we Find Wednesday....

1. I know earlier in the month I promised that I would submit a new photo and a post each day in honor of it being my Birthday month. Y'all, I'm sorry. I should know better than to undertake such a task in May. July would probably be much better. May, not so good. How is it possible for so many things to be happening in month? We have school and drumming and library things and maybe beer. Defiantly busy though. I'll try to do better.
2. That photo for today.. was taken by the boy (I would embarrassed to admit how many of his great photos I've scoffed this month for my blog.) on Sunday afternoon. We were minding our own business, spring cleaning the dining room, when all of a sudden it got dark. And it thundered.. and then it started to pour. The boy hollered out to the kids something about hail, and I was like.. no way. So I wandered over to now my now shiny clean window.. and sure enough hail was pelting down from the sky. It was so wacky. 10 short miles to our north.. they only got rain. 10 more miles away to our south.. no hail either. In fact, a lady I work with who lives right around the common from me.. about 2 min walk away.. said she never noticed hail at her house. I think maybe it just hailed over my house. I have that kind of luck.
3. There has been zero knitting going on at my house this week. Over the weekend, or maybe it was just Friday night, I managed to turn the heel on my sock and start the decreases towards the foot. My plan for having a pair by the end of the month? Not looking so good. Maybe if I stayed home for the next week and a half I could have it done. All things considered, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

4. Tomorrow the fifth grade is participating in a "job shadow" day that is organized by our guidance counselor as part of the school to career grant we get. After some talk about options for job shadowing, Mr. man decided he wanted to go see exactly what it is his dad does all day long. So tomorrow, my men are leaving bright and early for a nice day at the office together. To be a fly on the wall.... The boy is a bit concerned about some of the language that flies around his place of employment. I have faith that the presence of a child will curb some of this, at least for one day. I might be hoping for too much. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

5. I have started my "pseudo" vegetable garden. See, I have this raised bed garden that the boy and I put in the first spring we lived here. For 3 summers I tried to grow vegetables with not a whole lot of luck. Come to find out, after talking with a master gardener at school last year (one of our teachers who has gorgeous gardens) that my little spot isn't getting enough sunlight to grow good veggies. So I am testing another spot in the yard this year. I am putting my vegetable plants in pots (so I can move them if I need more sun) and if it works out, next year I will put in a new garden out back for vegetables. In the meantime, my old veg. patch has now been dubbed a "dirt garden" (I didn't plant anything last year there) and is growing weeds. I plan to turn it into a nice planned flower garden with a bird bath and such... I just need to plan out how I want it to look. Maybe if it would warm up some I would be more inspired.

Maybe pigs will fly.


Awesome Abby said...

LOL @ your luck. I think you are right. Your town sounds like a cozy place I'd love to visit, and I'd love to see your house, your area, your yard...."just around the commons from me" Anee of Green Gables-ish. LOVE it.

OneScrappyChick said...

well what the heck are you waiting for. Bring that sweet baby and come visit!!!