Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wish You Were Here

Before you do anymore reading, click that photo to the left. The boy took that with his camera, and I think it came out awesome! How can you have a bad trip when you get views like that? I love being in the White Mts. We haven't been here in almost 7 years, which makes me a little sad. Ms. Thang doesn't even remember out last trip. Once we got up here, we took the scenic route to our final destination. 32 miles of the Kancamangus Highway, one of the most scenic routes in the state. We played tourists and stopped at every "scenic view" sign. Well, maybe we skipped 3. We do that every time. The view is always different depending on what time of the year you are up here.

I was in HS last time I was up here in the spring. In fact, it was one short week sooner than we are here now. In my opinion, it was worth every minute of the car trip. And let me tell you, taking a long trip in our caravan.. sooooooooooo much nicer than taking a long trip in the car. We had leg room, my back never hurt..and I drove the whole way here! Knitting, what knitting? Was I going to work on a shawl? We passed this on our treck up the highway.. and I couldn't resist pulling over to snap a photo. The trip is definatly hard on your ears.

The Kancamangus runs almost parallel to the Pemiggiwaset (sp?) river. One of the scenic stops is called "rocky gorge". Boy did we have fun there. We called it "Rocky George" and Ms. Thang dared me to stick my foot in the water. Being I only had flip flops on.. of course I did. Nothing colder than mountain water in the spring.

We arrived at the arena around 3pm, and spent about an hour setting up the drums for tomorrow. Which is going to kick arse!!

And, as you've all heard my woes about my small tub at home, after close white glove inspection, this is where I am headed to next:

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