Friday, December 23, 2005

I'll play my drum for Him...

(sorry it's dark, I took this photo yesterday after school, and this is as light as I can get it without ruining the picture)

I might have mentioned before that I am in a steel drum band. This is the drum that I play until I can save up enough and buy myself a shiny chrome one. It is a chromatic lead, and provides the melody to the songs we play. Out of all the drums that make up a steel drum band, the chromatic lead has the most notes, about 27.

Because we are on break for the holiday's.. I got to bring my drum home to play during vacation. We're having a lot of fun together, it and I. Probably too much however, seeing as I really want to get a hat finished by tomorrow. And I might mention that the hat only has a band at the moment. But I did finish the boys scarf this morning. Soon as I am done here I am off to block it and let it dry. I'll post photos of it next week. Right now I'm off to knit.

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