Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Singing by Candlelight

For four decades, a wonderful treasure has been hidden away in 2 tiny towns in the bottom corner of our state. For forty years there have been generations of families learning music from this fabulous lady pictured to the left. For forty years she has been threatening kids that if they didn't sing with the group, they were going to sing by themselves. And for forty years she has inspired children to play instruments, sing loudly and learn lines to plays that yes in fact they would be able to remember the night of the show.
On top of all that, she has taken on the huge task of teaching grown adults to play steel drums. If you've ever worked with grown adults, this is no easy feat. Adults get cranky and set in their ways. Learning new things is hard, unlike when you are a child and you just do it. She doesn't take no for an answer. She doesn't let you second guess yourself, and when she asks you to join her group that's already started, and you mention that you don't know if you could do it and catch up with the group she just looks at you and says, "So you'll be there Wednesday at 6:45?"

Our wonderful music teacher, that we have shared with our neighboring town for forty years is turning in her music book. This is her last year, and Monday night was her last Holiday Show. As I sat in the front row, and watched these kids sing their hearts out, I payed special notice to one group on the left side of the risers. One group that I have watched grow up these past 4 years, and I felt a little sad that next year they will be considered "the big kids" and move up to the intermediate grades. I was remembering their first music show when they were in Kindergarten. I shared this with a co-worker yesterday, and she laughed and said as she was standing their watching the show, she was thinking back to when her own girls were in these music shows with our lovely music teacher. She is a diamond amongst coals and we will miss her.
"Celebration, Join Us, Join Us.. Celebration.. Join Us...... We're Singing..."


Awesome Abby said...

What a nice tribute to a lady who has undoubtedly touched many people's lives!

Debbie said...

As an elementary music teacher myself, it's nice to know that in the future, someone will remember what a difference music can make in their lives. Thanks!