Sunday, December 18, 2005

Things that suck...

Or, how I spent my holiday gift from my dad.

(the boy went and broke the server, so I can't access my photo's, therefore today you'll have to close your eyes and pretend there is a pretty Christmas photo here.)

Anyhow, where was I. Oh yes. Things that don't suck. Like my vacuum cleaner. We bought our vacuum cleaner about 5 years ago. Paid around $70 and picked it cuz it was light and cheap and we don't have many rugs so why not. Within the first 2 weeks the belt broke and I didn't realize, so I wasn't really cleaning my rugs. Since then, it's slowly gone downhill to the state that it is now in. It sounds like ... well.. like someone should take it out back and put it out of it's misery. It lets off a funky odor, and it sucks. Plain and simple. Actually it doesn't suck worth a damn and that's the problem. Even the little man gripes about having vacuuming as a chore cuz the stupid thing is just so horrible.

So my dad and my step mother gave us gift cards as part of our gift this year. We each got one to the same big box store, and decided that we'd pool them together and buy a new vacuum cleaner. Several weeks ago I went to this big box store and stood and compared all the models I'd even consider. I wanted bag-less. I wanted bag-less with no filter in the dust cup. I wanted something that I didn't have to push along with my foot, and that my kids could use also and most of all.. I wanted it to suck. Because, isn't that the point after all?

I decided on this model from Eureka. It's fairly lightweight, it's not horribly loud as far as vacuums go, and boy does it work better than our other one ever did. We went and picked it up tonight. Came home, the boy put it together, and then I tried it out. Now, a point to keep in mind here, is that the rugs in our house were just vacuumed last night. I vacuumed one room. The family room where granted we spent a lot of our time and so does the dog... and we did have a holiday gathering here it was a good test. That dust cup was FULL. I was never more disgusted. Carpet fibers, dust, dirt, hair.. you name it it got sucked up. And you could see the whirl-wind action going on in the dust cup while you vacuumed. I'm sold.

I read online that it's not that great for hardwood floors. That's fine. We haven't many rugs in our house, and we wanted something that did a good job on the ones we have. Allergies and all. We don't vacuum our wood floors much anyhow. Also that dusting attachment.. it's already off and stored in the other room. One I don't see myself using it often, and two it was in the way and kept bumping things. I didn't buy it for that feature anyhow. And it had the Good Housekeeping seal of it can't be all that bad. Actually.. it sucks. (winks)

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Carly said...

Sadly, the words "oh, good, I need a new vacuum" just came out of my mouth. Oy vey. But, I do.