Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm dreaming....

Remember what the gate looked like early this morning?? Here it is, over a foot of snow later.

It was quite a storm. I shovel in shifts.. so instead of shoveling over a foot of snow at once, I go out usually 3 times and shovel so that I'm only doing 4-5 inches at a time. Much easier on my back. The last time I went out before it stopped snowing it was coming down so hard you couldn't see. I finished shoveling in half an hour, and when I went back to the driveway to come into the barn, I measured 2 new inches of snow on the driveway I had just cleared. That's impressive.

I took this photo earlier in the day. It was so cold today, that we got light fluffy snow. Good for shoveling, not so good for snowballs. And because of that "Fluff factor" we got more snow than they originally called for. Not bad for a 10 hour storm.

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Awesome Abby said...

Soooo, i take it you got out of school today, eh? Any scrapping or just snow shoveling? :)