Thursday, July 13, 2006

All Work and No Play...

Down at the very end of my road, rests the building where I spend most of my days. Typically the flag is up, but only when school is in session. As it's summer, and I took this around 6:30pm, we have no such flag. It's hot in our school in July. Notice that the building is made of red brick. Brick is a great heat retainer. I don't mind the hot so much (low blood pressure issues) but everyone else does, especially our autistic boys. They have loads of sensory issues, and being hot is one of them. So our Autism room has A/C.

Ya'll have heard me go on and on about how I sufferer in A/C.. being cold and stuffy and headacheish. Then I go from cold, to the hot hallways... so I'm taking off my sweatshirt on the way out the door, and putting it back on as I come back in. I think this causes bird flu so don't be surprised if I drop dead next week. Next year, a few of the boys are moving to a different room up on the third floor. Next year, I will be working with one of those boys (as I am during the summer for a few weeks), upstairs on the third floor. Where it's hot and stuffy and the air hardly moves. I won't mind one little bit, but he's going to hate it. I dread it already.

I caught some lovely photos on our walk tonight, and a few surprising ones as well. I will post in a separate post and chat about them.

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Awesome Abby said...

Since my heart trouble, I can't stay warm either. It's crazy. I feel for you. Really, I do.

I love your school building. I promise when I become rich, your town is on the top of my list of place to go and see. That you are there is just the added bonus I need to make it be top-priority. :)