Monday, July 03, 2006

July 3rd

Monday's are for cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. I have a chore list posted on the board in my kitchen. It outlines each person's chores for each day of the week. Not the ones they are expected to do anyhow.. the ones that help me maintain our house. I used to do it alone. Our house is big. I work all week. I made an announcement over dinner one night that things were going to change, and no one said a word. I still do the bulk of the cleaning. But I get a lot more help now. This caddy holds all of my cleaning goods, plus a scrubby sponge and a toilet brush.

I buy limes for my beer. Nothing refreshes like a Corona (light of course) with lime. I'm the only one at my house who likes fruit in their beer, so the limes are mine. They had them on sale the other day so I bought 4. As I was the only one home when I got back from the market, I got to put all the food away. I had the bag of limes in my hand, and I thought to myself," You know, these would look great in my little green bowl." I got the bowl from my mom. I don't know if you can keep limes at room temp.. so the bowl is in the fridge on the shelf. It has fueled so many comments over the past few days. My kids were standing there the other day looking for lunch and I overheard this conversation:"Why are there limes in a bowl?" "I dunno. I think mom got them for her beer." "But why are they in a bowl?" It makes me so happy to open the fridge and see that little bowl that I love full of green limes.

Yesterday before church, I grafted the toe of my sock together. I took this photo this morning, after I started the second sock. The socks won't match exactly, because the beginning of the first sock contained a weird bit of yarn that isn't mimicked anywhere else in the stripe pattern of the sock, nor was it in the second ball of yarn. That's ok. My socks don't need to match. The color in the photo is a bit washed out. My first pair of socks, still isn't finished after all this time, but there is a reason, and I'll save that for another day. I've gotten over my fear of small pointy needles and I can't tell you how satisfying it is to make your own socks.


Anonymous said...

I love those limes! Great on getting help with your household chores! My kids are still somewhat happy to help, I hope they stay that way! And I have socks like that, I did not make them, my grandmother did, but I love them more than any others, so comfy and awesome!

tspwlv said...

I'm pretty sure you can keep limes at room temp. After all, they're not refrigerated at the store, are they? Before you squeeze them, roll them around on the counter a little and/or microwave them for about 10 seconds. Gets the juice going.

OneScrappyChick said...

Our limes are over in the "sort of chilled" fruit section, so I wasn't sure. Great tip though, thanks!

Awesome Abby said...

Yeah, i keep my lemons out on the counter in a "happy" bowl. Never bought limes, though, but I think they'd be OK. I do like Torreh, too, and roll 'em around before juicing them for lemonade. YUMMY!

That bowl is TOTALLY a happy thing. LOVE it. It'd make me smile, too. :0)