Monday, July 17, 2006

It's hot y'all. The kind of hot that makes your skin greasy and your mood foul and places you don't normally think of sweat. And of course, it can't just be hot. It has to be hot and steamy. I'd take hot over steamy any day of the week and twice on Sundays. It was 112 in California this weekend. Someone pointed out it was a dry heat.. but then again so is an oven.

I went out to water my vegetable plants after school today (want to talk about how hot an old red brick building gets when it's 95 degrees outside?) and discovered that some of my tomatoes were ripe. They are cute lil ones.. and orange! I was waiting for them to turn red but they aren't the red kind it seems. I noticed while I was out there, that it was so hot my sunflowers were a little wilted. That's hot y'all.

My friend called and asked if she could pick the kids up from Summer Rec and take them to her house to swim. I had to fight every ounce of my being to go with them. Cuz it was hot, and I was tired and swimming sounded so good. But I did that yesterday afternoon. And there's painting. And cleaning. And camping this weekend. And a party next weekend and a house guest. And where the hell is summer going and how do I get it back?? Next summer.. I'm not working. I feel pulled in 500 directions and it's making me crabby. Ask the boy. I'm sure he'll agree.


KathyMarie said...

sometimes being an adult sucks.

I woke up at 3:45 this morning and my chin was sweaty. Blegh.

Awesome Abby said...

I sould take next summer off. I know how you live for them...I think you must have been hit in the head with a tree when you agreed to work this one.