Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Hump Day

Project number two is finished.

Isn't there something so great about finishing something? It really isn't crooked. Or so the boy tells me it's not.. I don't know why it looks that way in the photo. We ran into a lot of trouble with this gate. Actually, the boy ran into a lot of trouble with this gate. See, he made an exact replica of our previous gate. Except that the posts on the old gate were fatter. He realized this in the middle of me painting the gate. Decided it would be bad news to tell me, and so he didn't.

After I got it all nice and painted, he had to take off those long strip boards, and re-cut new ones, re-assemble the gate, and then I had to paint it, again. The right post was a lil crooked, so we shimmed it up straight, and when I went to put the gate in yesterday, more problems. The gate now didn't fit in the posts and we had to trim a bit off each end of the bottom board. More painting ensued, and now we have a lovely new gate. It weighs a bloody ton but it's nice and not rotting, and hey it's white!!

In other news, the porch is coming along. I finished coat number 5 of the ceiling today after work, and ran out of paint. I always figured 5 coats, plus the one coat of primer, so however it looks after it dries is how it stays. As I peer out the windows, I notice that it's sooooooo close to the desired end result, but doesn't quite make it. That's ok. I can live with it, and I can't stand the idea of one more coat of paint on the ceiling. Next up is taping off the trim, and priming over any red marks that showed up while in the middle of ceiling paint. Then we start the walls, and the fun begins (eyerolls).


Awesome Abby said...

Congrats on the new looks great! And...I wanna see the porch when you are sounds fabulous!

tspwlv said...

Your gate looks adorable. Well done!