Friday, July 07, 2006

Q is for.....


I went out onto my porch this morning, after walking the kids to Summer Rec. and was treated to the highlight of my day. I was standing there, thinking about how to open the window I had painted shut, and where and how I was going to start the process of priming the porch ceiling, when I heard a ruckus out in the yard. I looked over towards the bird feeder and noticed that it was empty. I thought to myself that the birds must be yelling because there was no food. After almost 5 years of feeding them they get a little pissy when I slack off on filling the feeders. So I stood there, kind of gazing out the window, and noticed a commotion going on near the birdhouse that is on the tree.


Now I know that there wasn't a nest built in the birdhouse in the spring. I remember checking, and thinking it was too bad. I had seen a few birds checking it out, but no one took up residency. So I went and got the camera and snuck out next to the porch. The birds were chirping up a storm. I was too close for comfort. They flew off across the street, and I took the opportunity to go check out the house. I noticed small twigs peeking out of the bottom hole. They weren't feeding babies like I thought, they were building a nest.

I went back in and got the boy's camera. He has a better camera than I do (dig. that is) and it has a much better zoom. I could take photos of the birds from a further distance and they wouldn't feel so threatened. I watched them for a good 10-15 minutes. They scurried along the yard, and in the bushes next to the driveway. They took turns going into the birdhouse with little twigs, or sometimes big twigs. There was even some white thing in the box that looked like a packing peanut. My dryer vents into the yard on that side of the house, so I was surprised I didn't see more fluff. Maybe they will line the nest with that instead.
I went out and filled the bird-feeder and hosed out and refilled the bird bath. I thought they would appreciate it. However, while I was painting, I realized that some other birds were coming to the feeder, and it must've unnerved my little friends. They would sit on the fence, and fly up and dart at the birds who were eating at the feeder. Perhaps I will let that feeder stay empty for a while. I don't want them to feel their babies will be unsafe. Besides, Jay's visit that tree sometimes and they are mean birds. So on my quest to prime the ceeling, I was able to enjoy the birds on their quest to build a nest. They were still out there 7 hours later. I wish I was that dedicated.

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Awesome Abby said...

I want to come and sit in your yard, have some nice, cold tea, and visit. I love all of your pictures.