Friday, July 14, 2006


"You’re not going to be able to read every book that you want
You’ll never have time to watch all of your favorite shows
The house will never be clean enough
There will always be another errand to run
The grass will continue to grow

Everything you buy will need to be dusted, repaired, maintained or disposed of in some way "

Read this today on someone else's blog, and boy did it ever hit home. I have soooooooo much stuff going on right now, that my head is spinning. Between painting and work, and trying to get ready for my mom to come.. I have barely enough time to sleep. Next weekend however, we're taking off and going camping. I need a break. I need quiet and nature and nothingness. Time to be silly and enjoy life and the great outdoors. A break before the mayhem that will ensue the next weekend.

The 5 day forecast is calling for 90+ weather. In order to paint in this madness, I have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow and Sunday, and hope that 4 coats of paint will finish up the ceiling and I won't need 5. Cross your fingers. Then I will spend the next 2 days (probably in early evening when it's cooled off some) priming the floor with the second coat. I'm hoping by Wed. it will cool off enough to start painting the walls.

Today when I got home, it was to stinking hot to paint anything. Except the posts for the new gate, but I need to wait for the sun to move off them before I do that. So instead of cleaning, or mowing my lawn, or working on 1,000 other things I need should be doing .. I'm going to lounge on my couch and read a book. Then after that, I'm going to go hang out on my friends porch in the shade and drink beer until the boy gets out of work.


Awesome Abby said...

Whatcha readin?

OneScrappyChick said...

I'm re-reading Patricia Cornwell.. I love Kay Scarpetta. I read Cruel and Unusual.. and I finished it this evening.