Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Take a Number

Ten is what time I should've gone to bed tonight. I am tired beyond tired. But as I only got home from our drumming gig at camp at nine, it so wasn't going to happen. I'm one of those people who needs down time.
Nine is how many physical days of summer school I have left. I am so not working next summer if I don't have to. I am being pulled in way to many directions right now and I feel stressed out and frazzled.

Eight is what time I have to be at work in the morning. I don't have time for work.
Seven is how many coats of paint/primer ended up on my porch ceiling. It is finished. It looks darn good, but not quite as red as I had hoped for.
Six is how many days my MIL spent in the hospital. She is recovering quite well from her surgery. They aren't sure still what caused her issues, and they are hoping that it just happened and something in fact didn't cause it.. but they'll have to wait and see.
Five is how many days are left in July. I can't believe it's almost over all ready. We'll be back in school before we know it.

Four is what time the boy has his face to face interview tomorrow. For those that are following this development, say extra prayers at 4pm EST tomorrow. I think this is it. I'll keep you posted.
Three is how many days until Ms. Thang's party. How many days until my mom comes to stay for a week. How many hours I spent painting the porch walls after school today. I think I'll get it all done but the floor. Stupid weather and job getting in the way. I remember when I started and thought, foolishly that it would take me a quick weekend.

Two is how many more days of work there are this week. I could get so much more done if I didn't have to work right now. Two is how many cups of coffee I have drunk tonight. Or maybe I should say that I drank half of two cups.
One is how many people took the photos on this page. The boy did a lot of playing around with the settings on his camera this weekend while we were camping. My favorite one is the frog. One is also how many drumming gigs I have to play at this weekend. Thank goodness.. it was supposed to be 2. I don't have time for two. I don't have time for one. I don't have time for .... take a number. I'll get to you when I have more time.

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Awesome Abby said...

That frog pic is AWESOME. To the nth power.