Saturday, July 15, 2006

It Was a Dark and...

A bunch of different times today I thought about the Saturday sky. Once while I was paiting the 3rd coat on the porch ceiling. Once while I was driving back from the grocery store. Once while I was working on spring cleaning my kitchen (halfway done woohoo). And once while I was on the way out the door this evening to my friend's house. That was when the sky was the best too.

This is what the sky looks like now. If you click that image you can faintly make out the tree on the left side. I didn't give you a black screen.. I really took a photo of the sky. The sky today was hazy and hot and cloudy and for a while it looked like it might pour. Then this evening as I was leaving.. the clouds finally broke up and the sun came out in it's glory without the haze and it was so pretty. If I had a better camera, you'd have stars to look at and perhaps that tree. As it is, I have this for you. A dark and sultry night.

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Awesome Abby said...

That picture is a lot like how my soul feels today. Like, if there was no other way to describe it, i'd say it is JUST like that picture. Dark, bleary. Black. Uplifting comment, huh?