Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Declare Your Independence

Declare your independence.. from working! It's nice to work. A paycheck helps, and getting out of the house for a few hours a day is always good. Nothing can take the place of some good adult conversation, and mostly your co-workers don't give you lip all.day.long. But let's face it. A bad day at home is still better than a good day at work. It's nice to have a day off. It's nicer when the whole family is home together. The kids and I get many days off. But very rarely do we get days off with the boy. His job is kind of sucky that way.

It's the kind of job that calls you at 6:30 am on your day off, about something foolish. And then, because some people chose to work on their day off, they call you again an hour later.. because you didn't want to sleep late today did you?? Sometimes I don't miss the days when we didn't have a phone in our bedroom.

These big boots resting on the floor of my bedroom means that the boy is home with us. I don't know if he took them off like that, or put them down like that.. but it was kind of neat to see them just plunked down on the side of the room. He won't be home with us again until Labor Day.. which is too far away if you ask me.

Those boots by the way, yah they are a size 12. And let me tell you .. woooh baby.. those feet give off a size 12 stink. Normally I don't let the boots into the bedroom, they are confined to his office..but I was so happy to have him home today that I didn't care. You know what they say about big feet.. (g).

You'll recall that we're working on our porch. I was out there priming the floor today,and I came in to find this on the counter. It struck a funny nerve in me and I giggled about it for a good few minutes. That big cup belongs to the boy. The medium one (glass) was mine, and the kids each put a cup on both sides of ours. That's how you know everyone is home, and it's hot out. It struck me as a bit humorous because the cups kind of represented each of us, in our own way.I've tried to get the kids to give up those plastic cups, to no avail. However, I did realize that part of that may be that they can't reach the other glasses. So these blue plastic cups, that they have had for a long time now, so that they didn't need to worry about breaking a glass cup.. remain a part of our lives. I think I might be a little sad when they decide they don't need them anymore.
Not everyone would work on their day off. Especially when they don't get another one for about a month. But in order for me to finish the second coat of primer on the walls of the porch, the rest of the cracks between the barn board needed to be caulked in. So my boy went out there, on the hot porch (we had the windows shut due to me painting the floors in front of where the windows were and the threat of rain), and spent most of the afternoon caulking cracks. I finished what I was able to do, and came in to do some cleaning. He never complained that he was hot. Never mentioned that he had much better stuff to do. Just told me that he wanted to get the caulking done so I could keep painting and there you have it. That's kind of how he is. He just does, and does, and does, and never complains. Unless he's in the mood to complain, and then he does it just to be a nudge. Kind of how he likes to argue.. but only sometimes. I snapped that photo through a window in the dining room, which is why there is a bit of glare and a blur. Hard at work on his day off. But it was still better than being at work.

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NancyJones said...

aww that is so sweet of him to do that. Im so glad yall all had a day home together even if you were working isnt it great just to have everyone there!!