Monday, July 03, 2006

July 2nd

Yesterday, regrettably I don't have a photo for. My July 2nd page is going to be about our Church.
Our church was supposed to close last week. There is a whole big re-clustering going on, due to lack of priests. Our parish fought hard and loud and we were able to save our church from closing. However, we lost our priest. Last week was his last mass, and this week was our first mass with our new priest. He's not really a new priest. See, Keene is sending us 3 of their priests on a rotating schedule. So we'll only see each priest each 3rd week. I went to mass yesterday a little unhappy. Our mass got moved out half an hour, so it's more of an inconvenient time. We won't get out until noon at the earliest now. And I didn't want a new priest. We were given the impression that the new priests didn't want to come to our church. They had too much going on already and this wasn't a grand idea for them either. Mass was ok. It wasn't the same though. Fr. Jim brought something to our church when he came 3 years ago that we will never get back. He reminded me of a grandpa, and was just the sweetest man. He'd tell you like it was and in words you could understand. Sometimes I think he forgot he was a priest, as his words or statements were a bit shocking. (not in a bad way). When we would go up for communion, he would call us by name. Although, he had this funny habit of calling the boy Brian. Not even close. LOL. He was certainly missed yesterday, and his new churches are lucky to have him. Although, they are being closed in 2 years also.. so he'll be moving on again.

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