Sunday, December 12, 2010

Body What?!

December 12: Body Integration. This year, when did you feel the most integration with your body? Did you have a moment when there wasn't mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present? (author: Patrick Reynolds)

 I will readily admit that when I first read this question I didn't understand it. I believe I was looking to literally at the word integration, and I wasn't sure I "got" what this question was asking me. So, I did what all 2010 web users do, and I went to Google. I punches in 'body integration' and came up with this website. It told me that 'mind body integration is the process of learning how to be more conscious and present in the moment and to then be able to live a more full and joyful life.' I didn't search any further, because really.. I get that.

However, I'm not sure if I was ever there this year. This may have to become one of my goals for 2011. I am a multi-tasker. If I'm watching TV, I have to be knitting, or working on my computer. If I am on the phone, I am doing dishes or cleaning, or making dinner. I have a difficult time just doing anything for the sake of doing it and enjoying. Except maybe reading. Reading is one of those things that requires you to give it your full attention. Constant multi-tasking may have to go on my list of things to kick to the curb in 2011. Anyhow, my point is that I am never really living in the moment. I'm always thinking ahead, or planning what to do next, or rehashing something that already happened.

Thinking back on this year however, the time that I came the closest, would have to be over the summer when I was picking blueberries. Not everyone can survive a job picking blueberries. Its' a very repetitive job, and after a while, if you let it, it can become insanely boring. I never felt bored with it however. I would bring my iPod, and just get caught up in the beauty of the day, or the music I was listening to, and the simple act of picking berries and putting them into my picker. There was an abundance of birds around to watch  and I admit that I never felt bored. It was kind of like reading a book. There isn't really anything else you can do when you are picking berries, other than pick them. I enjoyed being outside, working in nature and the simple quietness of the job. I enjoyed it so much, I plan to go back again next summer.

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