Thursday, December 09, 2010

We're Having a Party....

December 10: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans. (author: Shauna Reid)

I was all ready to post about how 2010 was the year without a social gathering, when I remembered that one of my coworkers got married this summer. Only one other of our friends from work was invited, and so we attended together. We figured if we were going to show up to a gather of near 300 people, where we only knew each other, and the bride and groom, it was best to stick together, so we went as  each others date.

It was a gorgeous affair, held at the bride's parents house with it's grand lawn and beautiful gardens. She is one of 9 children, many of whom married before her, and so her mother had designed what she calls a 'prayer garden' and what I fondly refer to as the "wedding spot". It was beautiful. The flowers that her mom planted in the spring, reflected the colors she chose for her wedding (planned that way of course), the day was beautiful and the bride.. well.. let me tell you. I have never seen her so gorgeous and glowing in all the time I've known her. We sat in the warm sunshine (Ok, it was hot that afternoon, I'm not going to lie) and I smiled the entire time. I can still see her little nieces coming across the lawn with their baskets of flowers, and the smile that was on both is and her faces as she came across the yard to where we were set up. I always turn to look at the groom at this moment, and he was just beaming from ear to ear. His dad married them and it was very moving. After the ceremony, we headed over to another part of the lawn where a huge tent was set up. It was a little awkward sitting at a table where I only knew one person, but the food was good, even if I can't remember what we ate, and the conversation was nice, and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. After the dances, we headed back to my house for some cold beers (it was a booze free gig), and over all it was a lovely day.

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